Dog Eye Infections: Simple Advice For All Dog Owners

Puppy dog eyes! There’s nothing quite like them for seeing straight into your soul. But what if those big, brown eyes stop looking appealing and start looking sticky and sore? Healthy eyes are so important to our pet pals and yet major problems often start as minor ones… and it’s not always easy to spot … Read more


Desexing Dogs: 10 Informative Answers to Crucial Questions

Every pet parent wants the best for their fur-friend. Therefore the decision about desexing male dogs or getting a female dog spayed weighs heavy on an owner’s mind. It’s difficult to tune out the background noise of personal opinion when thinking through the pros and cons of desexing dogs. Then there are emotional factors that … Read more


Common Allergies In Dogs: Signs, Symptoms and Remedies

There are many common allergies in Dogs. Can breeds renowned for being hypoallergenic to people, suffer from allergies themselves?  Do poodle-mixes suffer from allergies? Be it Cockapoo, Cavapoo, or Labradoodle, there’s something about these shagged coated dogs that steals our heart. How did we manage for so long, without them in our lives? Of course … Read more


Are Mixed Breeds Healthier Than Purebreds?

The Goldendoodle is a Poodle Mix that brings two great breeds together but is it likely to be healthier than its parents? Introduction What’s your reason for choosing a poodle mix? Is it those irresistible teddy-bear looks or a deeper reason to do with good health? Indeed, one benefit of owning a hybrid dog is … Read more


Tear Staining In Dogs – Causes And Treatments Explored

Do you struggle to keep your poodle-mix’s face clean of rusty streaks? Despite your best efforts those rust-brown stains tracking down his face just won’t budge. Although it doesn’t bother the dog it upsets you that he doesn’t look his best. Whilst there’s no miracle answer to eliminating tear staining, this article helps you understand … Read more


Are Poodle Mix Breeds Hypoallergenic? The Truth Behind The Curls

Table of Contents Life can be confusing: What’s healthy to eat, what’s not; which dog breeds are hypoallergenic, which aren’t…  Hypoallergenic Poodle Mixes are so popular, but is it possible to have a truly hypoallergenic dog? This article explains what allergies are, how dogs trigger allergies, how to reduce the risk factors and the truth … Read more

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