Puppy Zone

The Puppy Zone helps you prepare for the arrival of your new puppy and gives actionable advice on how to navigate the vitally important first few weeks with your new buddy.

Before Your Puppy Comes Home

Excitements building! You have viewed and picked your puppy and can’t wait to get them home. What can you do to get yourself and your home ready for the new arrival?

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8 to 12 Weeks

The puppy is now home and a vital stage in their development ensues. Access to the wider world will be on hold until all shots have been completed but socialization and training are critical at this time to frame the puppy’s personality going forward.

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12 Weeks +

The time has come! Exploration of the world outside the house and backyard can start in earnest. Growth and development both physically and behaviorally continues apace as the puppy matures from a puppy to adolescent.

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