Do Bernedoodles Bark A Lot?

By: Ruth O'Neil
do bernedoodles bark a lot

Bernedoodles are hybrid dogs mixing a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. These dogs take the best traits from their owners and create a dog with a high level of independence and pride.

A Bernedoodle is a fun-loving hybrid dog that thrives on spending time with family and enjoys exploring whenever possible. Although many Bernedoodles may need plenty of alone or quiet time, these dogs adore playing and maybe a bit yappy.

It can be hard to get your Bernedoodle to quiet down, but there are some ways to ensure your dog calms down and offers you some peace.

Why Do Bernedoodles Bark?

Bernedoodles, like most dogs, will bark for a variety of reasons. A Bernedoodle will often bark to grab someone’s attention or alert someone of something they feel is vital. Always follow your Bernedoodle to see what they need and address their need to stop them from barking a lot.

To Grab Attention

Bernedoodles will bark to capture their owner’s attention for anything big or small. Sometimes, your Bernedoodle may bark or yap for something as small as a back rub or scratch. Other times, your dog may want your attention for a hug.

Consider why your dog may be barking at you by looking at their body language. A wagging tail likely indicates your dog is comfortable and looking for love.

Alert Owners

Bernedoodles are protective and bark a lot if they think their owners or loved ones are in trouble. Look at how your Bernedoodle is behaving to decide if they have a personal issue or a problem that needs addressing.

Bernedoodles, like all dogs, have acute hearing and senses, and there are some sounds that only your dog can hear. Always investigate what your dog is barking toward to ensure there is no immediate threat.

Signal a Need

Bernedoodles might bark if they have a need that hasn’t been met. For example, these dogs will bark and yap a lot if you’ve forgotten to feed them, if they need to go potty outside, or need some affection. Bernedoodles are savvy and will take you to the exact location where they feel their need can be met.

Consider if your dog has had enough food or if they want to go outside to see a neighborhood dog. Follow your Bernedoodle to determine if they are hungry, thirsty, or need to potty.

Express Joy When Playing

Bernedoodles are usually quiet dogs who don’t often bark unless they need something. However, these dogs will bark the most when engaging in playtime. Your Bernedoodle will be happy to yap and bark around the backyard with their dog friends or loved ones.

Bernedoodles will communicate with those they play with using barks. For example, if your dog wants you to pick up a ball and throw it for them, they may bark at you and nudge the ball toward you.

Bernedoodles may make a wide range of noises while expressing joy. These dogs often sneeze, bark, and whine to tell you they are having a good time. Additionally, you may notice your dog growling during play. Still, this growl is usually non-aggressive and means your dog is having fun.

How To Stop a Bernedoodle From Barking

Thankfully, there are a few ways to stop your Bernedoodle from barking and making a ton of noise. Consider using training, verbal commands, and other methods to ensure a quieter environment.

Use Verbal Commands

Using verbal commands is the best way to calm your Bernedoodle and stop them from barking at you. Teaching your dog a verbal command to quiet and relax is essential to helping them stay quiet when visitors stop in or need something. Consider using training treats and plenty of affection to ensure your dog understands that it won’t be forgotten.

Distract Them

One of the best ways to keep your dog quiet and calm when they start barking a lot is to distract them. This distraction can be done in a variety of ways. Consider using toys, treats, or chewable bones to distract your dog, ensuring they are relaxed and calm when they start barking upon receiving guests.

Acclimate Them To Human Activity

Take your dog outside often to acclimate them to human activity. Some Bernedoodles may get overly excited when they see people and may start to bark excessively in excitement. Take your Bernedoodle outside to dog parks and other areas with human activity to get them more acclimated to other people and prevent excess barking in the home.

The more your dog visits lots of different people and meets humans while walking, the more comfortable and quiet they will be when in the presence of one. However, Bernedoodles, who don’t see many people, may bark excessively to grab their attention since this interaction is in limited supply.

Take Them To Training Sessions

Training sessions are a perfect place to teach your dog how to behave with other dogs and get them acclimated to meeting new people. Training sessions will also help them learn when to be quiet, calm, and collected in a group setting.

The first few sessions may be challenging as your dog learns how to behave. However, as time passes, they will get quieter and more behaved.

Do Bernedoodles Bark A Lot? Final Thoughts

Bernedoodles are among the most desired designer dog breeds because of their easy-going nature and penchant for play. These dogs come from the gentle giant Bernese Mountain Dog and the proud Poodle, making them both active and self-confident. Bernedoodles may bark a lot under certain conditions, like being excited or when they are playing.

Bernedoodles can be calmed and quieted through a variety of methods. Consider using training and verbal commands to help keep your Bernedoodle calm and quiet. Additionally, exposure to a human environment and other people may make their noisiness easier to manage.

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