Do Bernedoodles Like To Swim?

By: Geoff Holden
do bernedoodles like to swim

Bernedoodles are some of the sweetest, most laid-back Poodle mixes around. With their fluffy, often curly fur and adorable Bernese coloring, Bernedoodles have made their way into many homes and hearts. 

If you have a Bernedoodle or are planning on adding one to your family. Have a pool, or are you planning trips to the beach with your dog? You might be wondering, do Bernedoodles like to swim? 

Although most Bernedoodles enjoy swimming, it depends on their genetics, upbringing, and personality. Poodles are dogs bred to be in the water, so most Bernedoodles will enjoy swimming. 

Here is a complete guide to Bernedoodles swimming, including why the breed takes to water, how to encourage your pup to take the plunge, and what kinds of dogs are more likely to swim. Read on to learn more about your bernedoodle’s tendencies before letting them near a pool! 

Do Bernedoodles Like To Swim?

For the most part, Bernedoodles do enjoy swimming. This is because most Bernedoodles are at least half Poodle (some are more than half, depending on the breed mixture). Poodles were bred to be water dogs and loved to swim, whether in the pool or at the beach. 

However, a Bernedoodle isn’t all Poodle. The other half, Bernese Mountain Dog, isn’t a natural swimmer. Although Bernese can swim, they often don’t, preferring to lie in the shade and wait for their humans or other dogs to get out of the water. This is likely because Bernese Mountain dogs were bred to climb and run but not to swim. 

Does It Depend on Dominant Traits From Their Parents?

The combination of a Poodle and a Bernese mountain dog can result in a beautiful, laid-back, intelligent dog. However, some traits could go either way. While most Bernedoodles are natural swimmers and take to the water well, some are terrified by water and don’t want anything to do with it. 

While all Bernedoodles can swim, not all Bernedoodles like it. Instead, some hate water and avoid it, only swimming if they have to. Other Bernedoodles might get in for a bit and then get out. The majority of Bernedoodles at least tolerate the water and enjoy swimming. However, you can only really know your dog’s traits once it encounters water. 

If you are planning on taking your Bernedoodle pup to the beach or pool and want to know their reaction, know that the answer lies in their personality and likes and dislikes. While most Bernedoodles like to swim, some don’t. This may be due to their Bernese Mountain Dog heritage, character, or another reason. 

Benefits of Swimming for Dogs

There is a myriad of ways your Bernadoodle can benefit from swimming. This includes:

  • Joint relief
  • Muscle and joint rehabilitation
  • Low impact exercise
  • Weight management
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Mental stimulation
  • Heat relief 
  • Enjoyment

How To Encourage Bernedoodle Swimming

If you have the rare Bernedoodle that doesn’t love to swim, don’t worry. You can encourage swimming and help them enjoy themselves around the pool or at the beach. Of course, even if they never love the water, your Bernedoodle will love to run along the coastline and play fetch. Maybe they will splash in after a ball or stick eventually! 

Getting a dog comfortable in the water is similar to socializing them. You want your dog to know that a pool or lake is safe and that exploring and jumping in is fine. However, it’s also crucial to train them to listen to you, so they don’t go running into the water right before it’s time to leave. 

swim safety tips for dogs poodlemixworld

Safety Tips

You can take them close to the water when you train your pup. Please don’t force them to go in, but make sure they know it’s safe and not a threat. The earlier you start this process, the better. Take them into the pool with you as a puppy and let them know it’s safe. The more you do this, the more naturalized they will be. 

As the pup begins to swim, ensure they are close to you. Keep them within arm’s length for safety (even a dog can have an accident in the pool). The best way to get your dog used to water is to take them to a place with other dogs that swim and seeing other dogs comfortable in the water can help your pup relax. 

The younger your pup is when you start this process, the better. If you have an adult Bernedoodle who has yet to be around water, getting them comfortable in the pool with you will likely take a lot of work. Even if the pool becomes routine, making an adult dog enjoy the water can be challenging. 

Final Thoughts

Bernedoodles are great pets, whether on land or in the water. You might find an excellent swimming companion if you follow these steps to naturalize your dog toward the water. While there’s always the chance that your dog doesn’t like to swim, the fact that you have a Bernedoodle makes it more likely that he is ready to jump in the deep end.

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