17 Pros and Cons of Whoodles You Must Consider

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If you are thinking about adding this delightful ‘oodle to your family you need to be armed with an honest assessment of the pros and cons of Whoodles.  

This will help you make sure a Whoodle will be a good fit for your personal circumstances.

Do not despair because we have created a list of the great things about Whoodles and some areas that need consideration as they may be viewed as negatives.

Personality, temperament, care, health, and training jump in and arm yourself with the information to give yourself a broad overview.

Whoodle Pros

Here are some of the benefits of owning Whoodles

They Have a High-Energy Personality 

Whoodles are the perfect pets if you like hiking and taking walks. These dogs are full of energy, and they will keep you company when doing various outdoor activities.

You should also consider them if you like spending time indoors. Since Whoodles have high energy, they will constantly run on your patio, which can be exciting.

If you have a pool, the dog may join you when swimming. The Whoodle’s high-energy personality may cheer you, especially when having a bad day.

They Are Smart

Whoodles are a crossbreed of the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier and Poodle Dog Breeds. It makes them intelligent as they inherit the genes of Poodle dogs, which are smart. Thus, these dogs can master various commands with the proper training. 

Whoodles also respond well to push-button training. That is advanced training where the dog presses different buttons to communicate with the owner.

However, you must be consistent with the training since these dogs are easily distracted.

They Look Good and Are Well Sized

Another reason people love Whoodles is that they are cute. These dogs have pretty eyes and resemble teddy bears. They also have medium-sized bodies and weigh between 20 to 45 pounds.

Additionally, you can get Whoodles with different colors from the same litter since it depends on their parents’ genes. For instance, they can be black, gray, or silver, which gives you many options when looking for a Whoodle.

The Whoodle’s medium size makes them ideal for someone with a small house.

They Are Loyal

Loyalty is crucial when looking for a family dog. Most people want a dog that protects the family, especially the children.

Besides being loyal, Whoodles form a strong bond with all the family members. Furthermore, if you train your Whoodle, they will always respect and follow your commands. Thus, if you are looking for a family dog, you shouldn’t hesitate to get a Whoodle.

They Don’t Shed

Another benefit of adopting Whoodles is that they are hypoallergenic. It means these dogs are more compatible with allergic people. For instance, some people are allergic to dog hairs and their saliva.

However, Whoodles shed minimally, so you don’t have to worry about hairs on the floor or furniture. With a Whoodle, you can maintain your home’s cleanliness without constantly picking your dog’s hair wherever they go.

They Are the Best Companions

Some people buy dogs for their companionship, especially if they live alone. Whoodles are the best companions, especially if you are looking for an affectionate dog.

For instance, these dogs will snuggle with you on the bed or sofa. They will also comfort you if you are sad and sitting alone on a chair. Thus, even though these dogs have high energy levels, they sometimes tone it down depending on the situation.

You will not feel lonely with a Whoodle in the house.

They Are Calm Around Other People

Have you ever taken a walk with a reactive dog? If so, you may know how stressful these dogs can be, especially when taking them for a walk to the park.

For instance, overactive dogs may bark at other people and dogs, especially those not well-trained.

However, with a Whoodle, you may not face the same problem. These dogs are calm and relaxed around other people and rarely confront other dogs at the park. You will have peace of mind walking with your Whoodle since they won’t cause trouble.

They Are Ideal for Children

You should buy a Whoodle when looking for the right dog for your kids. Whoodles require minimal supervision, even though one should supervise their kids when playing with dogs.

These dogs are non-aggressive and have mild temperaments. They are gentle and always playful around children, making them ideal for a family with young children.

Another benefit of Whoodles is that they are independent. These dogs are happy to sleep and spend time alone, especially if your children aren’t willing to spend time with them.

Ultimately, you don’t always have to give these dogs attention to keep them happy.

They Have a High Life Expectancy

Whoodles have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. Some can live longer if you take care of them properly. However, since this is a hybrid dog, it can still have the same health issues as Poodles, meaning you must regularly take it for check-ups to ensure it’s healthy.

They Don’t Bark Regularly

While there isn’t any dog that doesn’t bark, Whoodles don’t bark regularly. They aren’t like other dogs that bark every time they see something. If your Whoodle is frequently barking, there must be a problem with your dog.

With a Whoodle, your neighbors will rarely complain about your dog.

They Are Well-Bred

Whoodles are rare because they are hybrids, which is advantageous since you will easily get a good breeder. Having an uncommon dog increases the probability of getting a well-bred dog. Ultimately, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the Whoodle breed when buying it.


Whoodle Cons

Here are some things to consider if you are thinking of owning a Whoodle.

They Can Be Hyperactive

Whoodles aren’t the best choice if you want a laid-back dog. These dogs are hyperactive, and it can be overwhelming to own one if you are an introvert. These dogs always want to play outside and do various outdoor activities, which makes them unsuitable for dog owners who like spending most of their time indoors.

Another shortcoming of buying this dog is that you should have a large outdoor yard. If you don’t have an outdoor yard for the dog to play in, they may play in the house, which can be destructive.

They Require Frequent Grooming

Whoodles require regular grooming as they have curly and thick fur, which you should brush daily.

It’s even more strenuous to groom these dogs because they like playing outside, meaning you will frequently have to wash them. That is an additional expense because you must invest in dog shampoos and brushes to ensure your Whoodle is well-groomed.

Furthermore, if you don’t have time to groom your Whoodle, you will have to constantly take it to a grooming professional, which is even more expensive.

It can be expensive and stressful to maintain a Whoodle.

They Require Outdoor Time

You shouldn’t get a Whoodle if you are always traveling or working. These dogs require outdoor time, and you must walk them daily. They also need to release energy, so you must allow them to run away when walking them, which can be risky as they may get lost.

Additionally, you will have to hire a dog walker if you are always traveling, which gives you an additional expense.

They Are Expensive

Whoodles are rare hybrid dogs, which makes them expensive. If you want a Whoodle, you should call a dog shelter to find out if you can adopt one. Otherwise, if you’re going to acquire one, you may have to pay between $2,700 and $6,500. 

You will also have to train your Whoodle, which is an additional expense.

They Constantly Suffer from Ear Infections

Whoodles have a higher risk of developing ear infections. That is because they have floppy ears that hang on their head, which increases the risk of such infections.

Thus, you will have to take your Whoodle for a regular check-up to avoid such infections. Additionally, you will have to clean the Whoodle’s ears frequently, which can be strenuous if you are always busy.

They Have Prey Instincts

Whoodles are affectionate and loving, but they still have normal animal instincts. If your Whoodle isn’t trained, it may not be suitable for someone with other pets, such as cats and rabbits. The dog will be aggressive towards these animals, and in the worst cases, it may harm them.

You shouldn’t have other pets in your home if you aren’t willing to take your Whoodle for training.

Wrapping Up

Whoodles are adorable pets in a family setup, especially if you have a sizable outdoor space. These dogs are friendly and will always keep your children entertained. The main drawback is that they require a lot of maintenance since you must frequently groom and walk them.

We hope our list of pros and cons of Whoodles has helped you decide if the Whoodle is the dog for you.

If you love outdoor activities, such as running and hiking it might well be.

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