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When you look to relax at the end of a hard day, no doubt you fall into your favorite chair. Whilst you might love your dog to join you, there may be times your dog wants to move from your lap to the lap of luxury. In this post we look at the best dog couches (dog bed sofas) to enable your best friend to snuggle up and snooze in comfort.

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Best Dog Bed Sofa for Small to Medium Dogs

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Best Dog Bed Sofa for Medium to Large Dogs

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Is A Dog Couch / Dog Bed Sofa Right For You and Your Dog?

Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t find a dog couch at the top of your dog’s essentials list. It is a luxury product, a treat, an indulgence for your beloved pet.

There are however practicalities that are well served by having a separate Dog Bed Sofa.

Reduce Wear on ‘Human’ Sofas

As much as people love their dogs there are times when they don’t want to share their own expensively purchased couch with their furry friend.

It may be that the material is particularly susceptible to damage from even the most manicured of dogs claws. 

Leather and material sofas alike can be damaged if dogs are given free access to jump up and down on them.

Many breeds shed a fair amount of hair (luckily Poodle Mixes are very much towards the low end in this respect) and this can make sofas appear unsightly and be difficult to remove once embedded. This obviously affects material couches more than leather varieties.

Having Their ‘Own Space’

In the same way the humans of the household may want their own space on the couch to read a paper, work or take a snack. Your dog will appreciate having their own designated comfortable space for having a snooze, especially as the night draws in and the pace of the house drops.

If you are thinking about treating your dog to his or her own couch what else do you need to consider to determine if it is a good fit for you and your dog?


  • Your house – Does the room where you are hoping to put your dog’s couch in have the space required? These beds are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms or maybe a sunroom.
  • Your Dog – The models we will look at in this review cater for all dog sizes. Whilst it is obviously not advisable to buy a model designed for a small dog for your Goldendoodle, you have a wider choice for a small breed (they could use large or small dog sofa beds). Your decision in this case may be more based on your room’s ergonomics.


You might not be an award winning internal designer but it is doubtful you would want a dog couch totally out of keeping with the rest of your room so you will be looking for options that compliment. This may also apply to the material the dog sofa bed is covered in, possibly to a lesser extent.


With the dog couch design you can also look at it from your dog’s perspective and also how it will fit into a rooms styling.

Does your dog like to stretch out? Curl up, rest their head on a cushion? All of these may influence the design that you choose.

You will also be looking to match the styling of your room in your dog’s bed sofa. A regency looking dog chez long may not fit in with more contemporary furniture.

Review Criteria

We have highlighted the considerations you may want to think about when choosing a Dog Sofa but what aspects have we looked at:


Quality of materials used in the manufacture of the reviewed products. Specifically the structure, cushioning and finishing material.


Looks are important and while subjective the overall impression given by each piece is important. Does the product come with any specific features that differentiate it from its competitors or add some useful functionality.


Do the products reviewed come in different colors and/or possibly features

Review Introduction

The majority of dog bed sofas and couches on the market are aimed at small to medium dogs. We will look in detail at these in the following sections.

If you are looking for a dog bed sofa for a larger dog then please hit the button below to skip to this section where we look at some of the models suitable for them.

Medium to Large Dog Bed Sofas Reviews

Dog Bed Sofa Reviews – Small to Medium Dogs

Keet Fluffly Deluxe Pet Bed, Sofa Charcoal

This is a beautiful charcoal color sofa that comes in three sizes, small, medium and large. The bed is made of sharp looking leatherette fabric. It lends a classy touch to any room in which it is placed. The cushion is made of comfortable, reclaimed memory foam and it features soft dots.

These feel good on the skin of the dog and may even help catch extra hair, which is less to clean up for the owners.

The weight ranges for models are as follows up to 15lbs for small version, up to 25lbs for medium and up to 40lbs for the large model. 

The zipper covers on the cushion are removable, making them easy to clean. 

Wiping down the leatherette is easy to do in case your dog has an accident or a spill happens.

Aside from the nice cushions, the workmanship of this dog sofa is excellent, with many five star ratings and  positive comments on the quality of the build and materials. It’s sturdy and will hold heavy dogs.

The Keet Fluffy Deluxe also comes in a chocolate color.


Comes in two colours, which are easy to match to the decor of your home

Variations in size and color

Matches well with typical ‘human’ leather couches.

Good padding in cushion. Cushion can be unzipped and padding added.


The side arms may be too large for the smaller dog to rest their head on

Need to size up as maybe smaller than expected

Enchanted Home Pet Dreamcatcher Sofa

The small legs on this sofa raise it up for maximum comfort and the sharp cream color is neutral and looks nice no matter where you place it.

This dog bed is the Medium size, and will safely accommodate pups up to 30 lbs.

The way it is raised will help your dog stay away from chilly drafts, and the way it looks like a real sofa will keep her off the “people couch.”

There  is also a helpful pocket in which you can store toys and chewy bones, and the arms on the side make for a nice spot your dog can use to place her head and relax.

This is ideal for dogs that like to curl up and sleep, or dogs that lean onto a headrest while they snooze.


Elegant Design

Utilizes furniture-grade construction

Cushion cover zips off for easy washing

Good padding in cushion. Cushion can be unzipped and padding added.


Only one color option

Material not very easy to wipe clean. Has to be spot cleaned with mild detergent if soiled.

Enchanted Pet Brown Brisbane Tufted Pet Bed

This beautiful pet bed features 2 inch legs that lift the sofa up off the ground, keeping your pet away from the chilly drafts that can happen when sleeping.

As is common with Enchanted Pet, the sofa features a great storage pocket which you can use to store whatever your dog needs to feel comfortable.

The faux leather sofa is great because it is super easy to wipe down, and looks like a beautiful miniature leather sofa. It certainly will not clash with your home’s decor!

This particular model is Medium, and will suit dogs up to 30 pounds. The sizing is also reasonable, coming in at 33.5’x 20.75 “ x 12”.  In sum, it’s not too hard for a dog to climb up there, but not so low they will be feeling the chills all night.

Although the sofa comes in just one colour, the neutral mocha brown looks lovely no matter where it is placed. What’s more, the sofa does a good job of accommodating all three of the styles in which dogs sleep-leaning, stretching and curling up.


Allows your dog to assume a number of different sleeping positions

Easy to clean up if an accident happens

Aesthetically pleasing in most styles of rooms


Only one color option

No additional sizes were for sale at the time of this writing

Enchanted Home Pet Quicksilver Sofa Dog Bed In Gray

This modern and cute looking sofa has two inch legs which lift your dog off the ground, keeping him or her away from chilly drafts and shivering while they snooze.

There is a storage pocket for items you may find useful like toys or a lint roller, and the cushion cover is easy to strip off for cleaning. 

This is one designed for smaller dogs, coming in at a weight limit of 30 lbs. The sizing of this particular dog sofa is 34”x22.5”x15”.

The cushion itself comes in at 24”x16”. From the floor to the top of the cushion, the height comes in at just 12”.

The fabric included on this dog sofa is soft to the touch and will make any pooch happy to curl up and get some rest. The cushion is a soft, micro-velvet fabric one and looks great in contrast with the metallic faux leather trim. This is ideal for dogs that enjoy curling up when they sleep, as the bowl-style sides are conducive to this sleeping pose. 

The only real gripes we could find about this particular dog sofa was that it came in just one color and was suited only for breeds 30 lbs and lower.


Neutral gray looks great anywhere

Removable cushion for easy washing

Handy storage pocket


Only one color option

Only suited for dogs weighing up to 30 lbs

The Yorkshire Collection Handmade Button Tufted Pet Bed with Velvet Cushion

This stylish hand made sofa bed is the epitome of classical elegance.

A hand crafted wooden frame is adorned with a quality velvet fabric.

The tufted pet bed measures up at  34.6”W x 21.3”D x 19.3”H and Weighs 24.7 Lbs.

The velvet cover whilst giving a plush feel it is also waterproof and the cover of the cushion can be removed and washed.

The sofa is nicely proportioned and gives a small to medium dog ample space to lounge out whilst still be compact and cosy.

The button tufted bed comes in Navy (as shown) and gray. The classic design may evoke thoughts of country homes and log fires but would also not be out of place in more contemporary settings.

The Yorkshire Collection Tufted Pet Bed is at the higher end of the price spectrum but you are buying a quality piece of furniture with superior craftsmanship and materials. Indulgent maybe, but if you have the resources this bed will be a hit with your dog and enhance any room in which you place it.


Quality Materials

Washable cushion cover. Waterproof Material.

Stylish classical design



Two great colors but would be good to also have brown/chocolate option.

Dog Bed Sofa Round Up – Small to Medium Dogs

Let’s be honest most dogs will crash anywhere but the dog sofa beds/couches that we have reviewed in this article will afford your dog plenty of comfort and spoil them with their own resting place most likely in your lounge or sitting room.

Of the dog sofa beds reviewed the Yorkshire Collection Tufted Pet Bed is no doubt the best crafted and uses the best materials of those reviewed.

It is on the expensive end of the spectrum and we are looking for a quality and value for money option.

That comes in the form of the Enchanted Brisbane Tufted Dog Bed Sofa. This shares some of the elegant design features of the Yorkshire collection but is ~$100 cheaper.

It is well proportioned and I like the fact that the arms are set at a level that enables your dog to rest their head on it should they wish to do so but also offers enough of a ‘barrier’ if they want to snuggle up against them.

The faux leather material is good looking and functional. All round this dog couch offers all you need and in terms of value for money gives you plenty of bang for your buck.

The Brisbane dog couch whilst good value for money it is not cheap.

If a good budget solution is looking for then the Keef Fluffy Deluxe Dog Bed offers good functionality and a place for your dog to lay its head at an affordable price.

Dog Bed Sofas for Large Dogs

Enchanted Home Pet Library Sofa Dog Bed

Two inch, turned wooden legs will keep the bed off the floor, keeping your pet cosy and warm during even the draftiest of nights. This particular sofa is good for dogs that enjoy leaning or curling up when they get some rest. 

One thing you will notice with Enchanted Pet is that they always include a handy storage pocket for the animals’ toys or other accessories.

This particular sofa is great for all dogs, as it supports a weight limit of up to 90 lbs. Even two smaller dogs could get onto this particular sofa and comfortably sleep. 

This is also easy to wipe clean thanks to the beautiful faux leather construction. Dogs will find it easy to climb up, as the height from floor to cushion is 11”. The sofa size as a whole is generous, but not so large you cannot place it comfortably in your home. It measures in at 40.5”x 30” x 18”, while the cushion itself is 33”x 24”. 

It should be noted that the cushion does not come off  the couch. However, one user noted that the seam on the sides of the cushion do not allow for any dirt to go in.

Enchanted Home Pet Brown Ultra Plush Panache Pet Bed

The two inch legs do wonders in lifting your dog off the ground, keeping your dog away from chilly drafts. You can take off the cushion and wash it in the event it needs to be cleaned or your dog has an accident. The pet bed fits dogs weighing up to 60 lbs. 

The cushion measurement comes in at 31”x17”, while the bed size comes in at 42” x 23.5” x 15” and is available in chocolate brown.

However, the chocolate looks great just about anywhere and does a good job of hiding pet hair. The pebble grain, faux leather outside with welting is a classy and beautiful look for any room of the house. 

The comfort of this sofa is the real winner-it is a high loft seat cushion which will make your hound happy and comfortable. There is also a pocket on the dog sofa which can be used to store toys or anything else that may be useful such as a lint roller.

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