Can Maltipoos Be Left Alone?

By: Ruth O'Neil

Can Maltipoos be left alone? Yes, Maltipoos can be left alone for a short while. However, because they’re a friendly breed, you might need to adopt several safety measures if you leave your dog alone for several hours daily.

Maltipoos are relatively small and hypoallergenic, allowing them to fit into various lifestyles. But if you lead a hectic lifestyle and spend most of your days outdoors, you’ll need more than just a stockpile of the best Maltipoo toys to leave your dog alone.

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  • Will distractions help my Maltipoo stay alone?

How Many Hours Can Maltipoos Be Left Alone?

It is okay to leave Maltipoos alone for some time as long as they’re in secure and cozy surroundings. However, the period should not exceed 4 hours unless you’ll have a caregiver coming over to check on them.

Your Maltipoo will benefit considerably if they can use a safe restroom. The more room your Maltipoo has to roam around, the less hassle to leave them alone. If your dog is a year old or older, they’re probably crate-trained. While this is helpful, you shouldn’t confine your Maltipoo to its crate for extended periods.

Puppies require more frequent bathroom breaks and playtime than fully-grown dogs. If your Maltipoo is less than six months old, it’s not safe to leave them longer than two hours.

Your dog will need access to food and water while you’re gone. Some dog owners don’t leave anything behind because they believe doing so will increase their dog’s frequency of toilet breaks.

You could ask a trustworthy neighbor, friend, or family member to pass by and check on your dogs. Getting a dog walker is also a great option, as it doesn’t require daily scheduling.

What Happens if Maltipoos Are Left Alone for Too Long?

Maltipoos are family and people-oriented canines who thrive on companionship. They could develop separation anxiety if left alone for too long, which results in irrational and inappropriate behavior. The more time you spend away from them, their disruptive behavior advances.

Your dog will become more anxious when you leave the house. You may expect constant barking, howling, and whining. Certain canines are observant enough to figure out your routine.

Each Maltipoo has a unique temperament. Some Maltipoos are immune to separation anxiety, while others get severe symptoms when left alone.


How To Successfully Leave Your Maltipoo Alone

If you have your Maltipoo from a puppy, training it to be happy in its own company and being able to be left alone for short periods should form part of your very early training regime. Chew toy training is particularly good. An older dog can also be trained but may be harder.

The first step to leaving your Maltipoo at home is establishing a secure atmosphere. Ensure that your dog can’t get into anything dangerous or hurt itself before you leave the house. You should also ensure a relaxing area where they can stretch out, breathe fresh air, and get some rest.

Get rid of any hazards around their favorite spot. For example, they may become entangled in freestanding lights, which could collapse on them. You may need to lock the restroom, block off the garage, and secure any other restricted areas.

Set up a comfortable and dog-friendly space in the house for this alone time. Ensure you leave plenty of water, snacks, and toys for the dog to play with. Leaving the TV on can provide a comforting sound. If you can keep in touch with them remotely, that’s even better.

However, your dog may still find it hard to adjust correctly even with everything set up. Thus, leaving behind something like a sweater bearing your scent can be comforting.

Can a Consistent Routine Help Maltipoo Dog Stay Alone?

You can teach your dog a proper goodbye routine so they’re ready when it’s time for you to leave. Before leaving, you can take them on a morning stroll and exchange sweets and a few cuddles.

Maintaining a consistent routine whenever you leave the house helps them learn to anticipate your departure. As time goes by, they will learn that you’ll still return.

If your Maltipoo is a young puppy, adopt a gradual routine. Start by going outside for 15-20 minutes intervals. With consistent practice, your dog will gradually adjust to being left alone for a long time.

You’re free to bring home a new canine companion. If they are genuinely compatible, spending time apart won’t feel lonely. However, it will only work if they become best friends with one other.

Will Distractions Help My Maltipoo Stay Alone?

Dogs are prone to become bored very quickly. They’ll begin craving your presence if they have nothing to occupy their thoughts. So, if you must leave your Maltipoo alone for hours, you should prepare some distractions for them. Whatever distraction you choose should be safe enough for them.

Puzzle toys are an excellent pick for Maltipoos. Since Maltipoos are reasonably intelligent dogs, they will enjoy figuring out puzzles in exchange for treats. If you leave your Maltipoo with an engaging toy, they may not even notice when you’re gone.

Final Thoughts

You can leave Maltipoos alone for a short time. Even independent dogs might find it hard to be left alone for many hours without some attention. However, with the right tools and training, you can help your Maltipoo to get used to being on its own.

We hope this article will help you when you will inevitably have to leave your Maltipoo alone for a short period. It needn’t be a stressful time for you or your dog.

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