Can Maltipoos Swim?

By: Emily Scott

Anyone who has owned a Maltipoo knows how incredible these canines are and will likely want to include them in every activity. From snoozing on the couch to swimming at the beach. But, can Maltipoos swim? The answer is yes, but there are a few things owners of this dog should understand before introducing them to the water.

Swimming has a range of benefits for dogs of several breeds, so teaching your Maltipoo to swim is a great idea. The Maltipoo’s relationship with water is complicated. But with a little research and training, you can help your dog learn this crucial skill and have a lot of fun in the meantime. Keep reading to learn more about the nuanced history of Maltipoos and the water.

The Maltipoo

The Maltipoo is a hybrid of the Maltese and the poodle. The result is a gorgeous little pup, typically sporting wavy to curly fur and a loving temperament. Their appearance can vary slightly, depending on the parents and what genes they inherit.

It’s important to understand where the Maltipoo comes from in order to fully comprehend how to introduce them to the water. Poodles love water and are natural swimmers. On the other hand, the Maltese aren’t a fan of getting wet. So what’s a Maltipoo to do?

Poodles love the water whereas the Maltese are not so keen

Can Maltipoos Swim?

Like people, you can teach almost any dog to swim, including the Maltipoo. In most cases, this canine gets its poodle parent’s curly fur, so getting wet isn’t the ordeal it is for the purebred Maltese. 

One trait to look out for when determining whether or not your Maltipoo can swim is the length of the muzzle. The Maltese have short faces, so swimming is extra challenging. They will have a harder time preventing water from going up their nose. Fortunately, the hybrid Maltipoo will experience this issue less frequently.

Benefits of Swimming

If your Maltipoo is physically up for the challenge, you can teach them how to swim. The benefits of teaching a dog to swim cannot be understated. Here’s an in-depth look at what your dog stands to gain from learning this skill:


First and foremost, one of the most important reasons to teach a dog how to swim is for safety. You never know when your dog might encounter water. You don’t even have to have a pool to be at risk. Nearby creeks and ponds can also pose a threat if your dog escapes the yard.

The best way to avoid the potential risk of drowning is by learning how to swim. That way, your dog can get to shore and safety or hopefully hang in there until help arrives.


Swimming is an excellent aerobic sport. Both people and dogs can benefit from this particular exercise. Not only does it help to strengthen muscles and build endurance, but it is also low impact. Low-impact exercises are important for anyone that can’t tolerate pressure on the joints or might be recovering from an injury. 

There is also the enormous advantage of swimming being an exercise that naturally keeps you cool. The Maltipoo has a nice thick coat, but all that fur is very warm. During the hot months, it’s wise to help them cool down with a little water.


Dogs are like any other animal that needs to socialize and engage in different activities to live a happy life. Swimming is a great way to engage with your pup. With all the new sights, sounds, and smells, it’s hard to get bored while enjoying the water.

Tips for Teaching a Maltipoo To Swim

  • Do a physical examination of your Maltipoo. If they have particularly long fur or a very short snout, it’s important to realize they may not like swimming. Follow their lead, and if they seem apprehensive, don’t force it.
  • Start slowly and in very shallow water. Let them walk in rather than drop them in where their legs won’t reach. This can be an incredibly startling experience.
  • Encourage them to move out on their own with rewards like treats and affection. That way, they associate swimming with positivity.
  • In some cases, your dog simply might not be a strong swimmer. If this is the case, you need to take extra care in securing their access to open water. If they have to go near the water, consider investing in a float vest. 

Final Thoughts

Teaching your Maltipoo to swim is a great way to help keep them safe and engage in an exciting activity. Most Maltipoos pick it up fairly easily and will look forward to spending some time around the water with you. 

If you find that your precious canine isn’t wild about the water, don’t worry. There are plenty of other ways to spend quality time with your dog. Enjoy your Maltipoo’s positive energy and sweet nature any way you can.

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