My Puppy Doesn’t Want To Walk: Why and What Can I do?


You have experienced a few weeks of organized chaos since your puppy joined your house. Finally, the jabs are done and its time to explore the world outside. Walks with your dog are one of the major pleasures of ownership but sometimes you may experience instances where your puppy doesn’t want to walk. It may … Read more

Puppy Socialization: Schedule and Checklist For Your New Dog


Why is Puppy Socialization Important? No one wants to be that ‘parent’ of the young dog who is always the naughty boy or girl at the park – the dog to avoid or possibly worse the dog that won’t interact as they are afraid and nervous. These behaviors aren’t necessarily down to an innate mischievousness … Read more

How To Potty Train a Puppy Fast: Hasty House Training Explained


Effective house training quickly integrates a puppy into your houses’ rules and routines Taking months to house train your new puppy can be a draining and frustrating experience. You want to enjoy your puppy to the full and not have constant potty paranoia. House training needn’t be a drawn out process. This post will give … Read more

Puppy Grooming: Tips On How To Get Started


Are you in a dilemma, puppy grooming proving difficult with your new boy or girl not so keen on the process? Let’s look at how to get started. No doubt one of the reasons you sided with a poodle mix was for its coat. As such it is near the top of your responsibilities when … Read more

Family Training Before Your Puppy Comes Home

So you have decided to buy your dog and you have been to the breeder and selected the little boy or girl who will be a family member in a couple of weeks’ time, what’s next? It’s time to conduct some family training. Discussing early puppy care, training and setting some ground rules can pay … Read more

What To Buy For A New Puppy: Get Ready For Your New Dog


You have thought long and hard about the breed of dog to bring into your family, conducted research, found a breeder and visited your prospective puppy. In this article we will explore what to buy for a new puppy. You Tube videos and online articles are being crammed in preparation but there are a number … Read more

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