What To Buy For A New Puppy: Get Ready For Your New Dog

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You have thought long and hard about the breed of dog to bring into your family, conducted research, found a breeder and visited your prospective puppy. In this article we will explore what to buy for a new puppy.

You Tube videos and online articles are being crammed in preparation but there are a number of material items you will need to have in place for when your puppy come home.

The infographic below presents a useful list of products that will set you up nicely. The list is discussed in further detail beneath it.


What to Buy For A New Puppy – Checklist


If you have a good breeder they will have advised you on what the puppies are being fed (when weaned) and will ideally provide you with some feed to take with your puppy on collection.

You may be want to ultimately change the brand or nature of your puppies food as he or she grows but initially you want them eating, content and familiar with at least a few variables in their ever changing environment.

Collar and Leash

You don’t need to be lavish with your first collar and leash. You can be a bit more extravagant when your puppy starts to grow and you get to explore the outside world together.

You need a collar to help control your new pup and to put a tag on your animal. Even if they are confined to your backyard it is better to be safe than sorry (and it is the law in some countries).


A Dog Crate is an essential piece of equipment in your puppy management toolkit. Once acclimatized to the cage will be your pups ‘den’ where they feel safe and retire to when tired.

Crate come in various sizes and it is important to get one that is suitable for your dog. The perfect puppy set up discusses how crates are best used, the different types including crates where dividers can restrict/expand capacity as your puppy grows.

Puppy Pen

This is the second piece in your puppy/dog management kit. Having a suitable puppy pen allows your puppy to move around when you have other jobs to complete around the house or have to leave the puppy for a period of time.

Chew Toys

Chew toys are a great weapon in the management of your new puppy. Effective use of chew toys is vitally important in teaching your dog to occupy themselves and to reduce stress and anxiety when you are not around. It is worth purchasing a few variants to keep your young pup entertained.


In the early days you can almost exclusively used kibble to train your puppy but treats have there place especially when stuffed in a chew toy.

Water and Food Bowl

A water bowl is essential. You may as well consider buying your dog’s food bowl at the same time but in the early weeks and months every meal time is an opportunity to train your puppy with kibble being used as the reward.

Puppy Pads

You will need puppy pads to help house train your new puppy.

Cleaning Products

Inevitably accidents that will occur during the early months. The cleaning products you need will depend on where your puppy goes in your house and the surfaces it will encounter. You will also need poop bags.

Dog Blankets

You don’t have to break the bank just have a ready supply of blankets that can be used to line your puppy’s bed/resting place or wrap your dog in when traveling etc.

Grooming Kit

You will need to introduce your puppy, especially as a poodle mix, to grooming at an early stage. Along with general petting this will acclimatize your puppy to regular handling and get used to a regime that will last a lifetime. Taking care of your dog’s coat is a major contributory factor to its overall health.


For fun, interaction and training a selection of toys are required. 

Were there any items you found invaluable when you got your puppy or are you a prospective owner who has picked up a must have, let us know below.

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