Do Cockapoos Need Coats?

By: Ruth O'Neil

Cockapoos don’t need coats since they have curly fur that can get long and provide warmth. However, if the weather becomes freezing and your Cockapoo starts shaking, you’ll want to give them a coat to keep them warm.

As you consider your situation, you’ll want to figure out if you should invest in a coat for your Cockapoo. Luckily, we have plenty of information to help you determine when you should get a coat to keep your dog safe.

Doing so will involve reviewing when your Cockapoo needs a coat and what types you should purchase. Ensure you think about the situation, review the options, and determine which coat you want to buy for your furry friend.

Situations Where Cockapoos Need a Coat

As you think about getting your Cockapoo a coat, you won’t want to look over various situations. So instead of scrambling through an unexpected situation, you should think about each one and determine if you need a coat.

However, if your Cockapoo doesn’t fall into these categories, you may want to have one available for an emergency.

Age-Related Needs

Puppies sometimes have difficulty retaining heat, so they get cold, especially as their fur grows. Since they get cold easily, you’ll find puppies snuggling with their mothers and siblings to remain warm, so your young Cockapoo may need a winter coat.

Old dogs face a similar situation where they struggle to retain heat. Many lose weight and sometimes even fur as they age, so they get cold easily. If your Cockapoo starts to get old and seems to get cold, you’ll want to get them a coat.

These issues don’t apply to only puppies and old dogs, so think about your dog’s needs.

The Time of Year and Location

You also must consider the time of year when it comes to coats. For example, your dog most likely won’t need a coat during spring, summer, and fall, but the winter months may cause your dog to shiver uncontrollably and feel cold.

However, the cold weather may not apply if you live in a warm area that doesn’t get snow. The situation depends on your location, the expected weather, and what you saw in previous years.

Considering those possibilities, you’ll determine if you live in an area where your Cockapoo needs to wear a coat during the winter.

For Outdoor Use

If you plan to go outside with your Cockapoo during the cold months, you’ll need to buy them a coat. While a coat seems obvious, some owners overlook boots since they don’t want to make their dogs get used to them. 

However, boots will protect your dog’s feet and prevent them from standing in the cold snow for long periods. In addition, many owners have their dogs use the bathroom outside, so you’ll want a coat if you live in a cold area. 

Boots can also help you during the warmer months, so consider the expected weather conditions and keep your Cockapoo safe.

Cockapoos love the Outdoors whatever the weather

Your Cockapoo’s Personality

Even if you don’t face any of those situations, you may have a Cockapoo that gets cold quickly. Some Cockapoos may even prefer to be as warm as possible, so they’ll spend tons of time in blankets and other areas to avoid the cold.

If you see your Cockapoo shivering or acting cold often, you may want to try a coat to see if they’ll want to wear it. You can even purchase a sweater for indoor wearing to keep your Cockapoo comfortable and happy throughout the year.

Points To Consider While Purchasing a Coat

As you think about your Cockapoo and consider purchasing a coat, you’ll want to determine what to buy. Spend time thinking about critical points, such as your dog’s size, the materials, and the weather.

Your Dog’s Size

A dog’s size plays a significant role in the coat you purchase. You don’t want to buy a coat too short for your Cockapoo, so check the coat size online to ensure it’ll fit your dog. Most people classify Cockapoos as medium or medium-small dogs, so look for coats in those sizes.

You can also measure your Cockapoo to find an ideal length. You want to measure your dog from where its neck meets the shoulders to the base of its tail. While it won’t work as a perfect measure, it’ll give you something to work with as you look for a coat.

You can then compare the length of our dog to the coat’s size to ensure it’ll fit your furry friend.

The Materials

The same materials that keep people warm will keep your dog warm. Try to purchase a dog coat with polypropylene, polyester, or wool if you can’t figure out which materials you should try. These materials do a great job of retaining heat.

Polypropylene and polyester retain heat, while wool is a soft material, so your dog won’t feel uncomfortable. You can even find coats with multiple materials, so double-check them before you make a purchase.

If you don’t know which material to go with, check the reviews for those dog coat products to determine if your Cockapoo may like to wear it.

Coats for Cold vs. Wet Weather

While materials like polyester and wool work well for cold weather, you must consider wet weather. If it rains in your area, you’ll want to consider other options, such as nylon, for coats.

Before you purchase a coat, you should check the description. See if the website or tag mentions a waterproof design, so you won’t worry about it retaining water. Otherwise, your dog could get even colder if the coat gets wet during a walk, leading to health issues.

So, Do Cockapoos Need Coats?

Cockapoos don’t require coats, though you may want to have one on hand, depending on the situation. For example, if you have a young or old dog, it may need a coat to stay warm. Your dog may also get cold during the winter, so you’ll find a coat practical for those moments.

As you look into coats, consider the best materials and your dog’s size. Doing so will help you find the best option on the market, so you’ll make your Cockapoo comfortable and cozy during the coldest months of the year.

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