Weighing the Pros and Cons of Double Doodles: What You Need to Know

By: Geoff Holden

You may have heard of Labradoodles and Goldendoodles, but what about Double Doodles? 

A Double Doodle is what you get when you mix a Labradoodle with a Goldendoodle. Remember, a Labradoodle is a combination of a Labrador with a Poodle. On the other hand, a Goldendoodle is a mix of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. 

I’m an experienced dog owner and currently own an adorable Double Doodle. I have all the information you need to decide whether this designer breed is right for you.

Like any other canine, Double Doodles have good and not-so-good points. You need to decide whether their features are what you’re looking for in a canine companion. 

Today, we will look at Double Doodles’ pros and cons. You’ll learn how Double Doodles have lovely personalities, are intelligent and easy to train, and have other positive points. You’ll also discover that Double Doodles have certain disadvantages, such as how much exercise they need. 

So, let’s get started with our Double Doodle learning journey! 

Double Doodle Pros

Let’s talk about the pros of double doodles. 

Wonderful Personalities

Double Doodles bring together the personality characteristics of Labradoodles and Goldendoodles, which makes them the ideal family pet. They’re patient, and you can always rely on them to be excellent family companions. 

The Double Doodle is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an affectionate canine companion. Loyalty is another of this designer breed’s characteristics. 

Easy Training 

The Double Doodle is a mix of a Goldendoodle and Labradoodle, and those designer breeds bring together the Golden Retriever, Poodle, and Labrador breeds. If you’re a dog lover, you probably already know that all these breeds are famously easy to train. 

Their intelligence is why they’re so often trained as service dogs. As a result, the Double Doodle is straightforward to teach and is responsive to your instructions. 

Highly Intelligent 

The Double Doodle’s braininess is one of the reasons it’s so easy to train. This dog’s genetic heritage includes the Poodle on both sides. 

Of course, to get a Double Doodle, a breeder crosses a Goldendoodle with a Labradoodle. Both these designer breeds include Poodle genes. 

The Poodle is recognized as the second most intelligent dog breed on the planet. That is why it has a particular need for mental stimulation. 

Sociable With Other Dogs

If you want a dog that will get on with other canines you already have in your household, consider getting a Double Doodle. This isn’t the kind of pet that will feel hostile or threatened by other household members. 

Every part of the Double Doodle’s genetic heritage, including its Poodle, Golden Retriever, and Labrador genes, contributes to its friendly nature. Cat owners wanting to adopt a dog can certainly consider a Double Doodle. 

Usually, Get Along Well With Cats 

Labradoodles and Goldendoodles tend to get along with cats, so there’s every reason to believe that your Double Doodle will be friendly with your feline. Be patient and take your time introducing your new dog to your cat, though.

It would be best if you introduced your new Double Doodle to your cat when it’s still a puppy. The cat should be established in the household, so the dog knows she’s in charge. Always supervise your pets when they spend time together at the beginning.

You’ll have to train your dog to respect your cat’s boundaries. Dogs tend to assume that cats like to interact and play as they do, and it takes some time for them to learn otherwise. If the dog is getting too rowdy, pick up the cat and put her on your lap for reassurance. Patiently teach your dog that he needs to be more respectful. 

Medium Size and Adorable Appearance 

The Double Doodle’s medium size is one of its most versatile characteristics. It’s not too large, but it isn’t a small dog, either. 

You can expect your Double Doodle’s adult weight to range between 50 and 80 pounds, probably standing between 20 and 29 inches. 

You can find Double Doodles in several colors, including white, cream, tan, golden, brown, and black. Your Double Doodle’s coat combines characteristics of the Poodle, Labrador, and Golden Retriever, and it can be curly or wavy. 

One of the Double Doodle’s most appealing features is its puppy-like ears and small brown eyes. 

Mixed Breeds Have Healthier Genetics

The fact that the Double Doodle is a mixed breed means it’s usually healthier than purebred dogs. That is because inbreeding is much less common in mixed-breed dogs. 

A mixed-breed dog like the Double Doodle has a much larger gene pool than you’d find with a purebred dog. So, a Double Doodle generally has less risk than a purebred Poodle, Labrador Retriever, or Golden Retriever. 

Good for Allergy Sufferers 

While no dog is entirely hypoallergenic, the Double Doodle is one of the best canines for allergy sufferers. For all intents and purposes, it is hypoallergenic. Double Doodles with a Poodle-like coat will be more hypoallergenic than one that has inherited more of the coat characteristics of a Golden Retriever or Labrador. 

If you have allergies and want a Double Doodle, look for a puppy with a Poodle-like coat. You’ll find this kind of dog will have minimal shedding. Of course, you’ll have to regularly groom your dog (including washing) to remove dander


Double Doodle Cons 

For all of the Double Doodle’s excellent characteristics, this designer breed also has some drawbacks. Now, let’s find out about the cons of double doodles. 

Potential Health Problems

You may be confused about why this is included as a con. After all, a pro is that Double Doodles tend to be relatively healthy. Well, that’s true. As a mixed breed, Double Doodles have healthier genetics than many purebred dogs. 

However, like every other kind of dog, Double Doodles have specific health problems that they’re prone to. A Double Doodle may have a genetic condition common in its ancestors’ breeds. Some of these include digestive and joint issues, such as hip and elbow dysplasia. 

Needs Lots of Exercise

You should only get a Double Doodle if you have enough time to exercise your dog. The Double Doodle takes after the Labradoodle and Goldendoodle in how much exercise it needs. 

Its intelligence is one of the reasons the Double Doodle needs so much exercise and mental stimulation. If you don’t ensure that your dog gets enough exercise and playtime, it may become depressed or destructive

Spread out your dog’s exercise and training over the day. You don’t want to jam all the activity into one session, as your pet will get bored and restless later in the day. Instead, make a morning exercise session part of your routine, as your dog will have energy to burn. Then, after a morning nap, your pup will be ready for another session.

If you want a Double Doodle, having a fenced-in yard is best. It’s especially great if you have a busy schedule, as a yard will give your pooch plenty of time to run around when it has pent-up energy. 

Morning exercise also helps canines be calmer for the rest of the day. But you should be aware that a Double Doodle isn’t a good dog to have if you spend long days at work outside of the house. 

Higher Than Average Grooming Requirements

If you’ve ever had a Poodle or known a Poodle owner, you know how much grooming that dog needs. Golden Retrievers and Labradors also need frequent grooming. So, you can expect your Double Doodle to need plenty of brushing and grooming. 

As a mixed breed, each Double Doodle will have its unique coat. One Double Doodle might have more of a Poodle-type coat. In contrast, another might have more of a Golden Retriever or Labrador’s characteristics. 

A Double Doodle with more of a Poodle-like coat won’t shed much. If you have allergies, this is an excellent pet for you. A Double Doodle with a coat more like a Golden Retriever or Labradoodle will do more shedding. 

Make a pin brush part of your Double Doodle grooming kit. You should also have a two-in-one comb. For washing, use a shampoo formulated especially for canines. 

A significant difference between Double Doodles and Golden Retrievers or Labradors is that their hair can grow very long. So you must bring your Double Doodle to a groomer for a haircut. In most cases, you can do this every two months or so. 

It would help if you brushed your Double Doodle several times a week. Some owners brush their dogs daily, but you can do it every second day if you want. Don’t rush the brushing. Each session can extend up to 30 minutes. 

They’re Expensive 

Double Doodles tend to be pricey as a popular designer dog breed. If you only have one or a few Double Doodle breeders nearby, they’ll charge more than they would if there were competition. 

You can expect to pay between almost $2,000 and $5,000 for a Double Doodle puppy. No doubt about it, a Double Doodle is a significant financial investment. But of course, you should think carefully before purchasing any puppy. Adopting a dog is a serious long-term commitment. 

Final Thoughts on Pros and Cons of Double Doodles

So, there you have it! You know all the pros and cons of owning a Double Doodle dog. But, for many prospective pet owners, a Double Doodle is a perfect choice. 

That said, you should consider all the information when deciding whether to adopt one of these puppies to ensure that a Double Doodle is suitable for your lifestyle and preferences. 

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Geoff Holden
Hi, I am a freelance writer, experienced pet owner, and dad to a 3-year-old Double Doodle named Alfie

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